Compliance matters. And it is an ever-changing world, making it a full-time job. You need to function within the laws and regulations and cannot afford the negative attention that can come from an unknowing failure to abide. For those that work in multiple states or jurisdictions, it is even harder to keep track of existing practices and proposed changes.

In New York, the landscape just changed yet again. There is a new entity in charge. There are specific restrictions on giving, but differing practices adopted by many entities to provide further limitations. There is regular reporting that varies for lobbyists and clients: bi-monthly reports for lobbyists; semi-annuals for clients. There are tight registration requirements, separate guidelines for many local governments, and newer restrictions in matters involving both government procurement and/or disbursements of funds which are part of the landscape now.

At The Roffe Group, we are here to addreass any of these concerns. Compliance is a cornerstone of our practice, and it is part of our daily focus in client interaction. We have the experience and the expertise to ensure that you can stay compliant, working with our team to file all of your reportable activities; administrative, legislative and regulatory.