Our Practice

The Roffe Group has a team of lobbyists with decades of experience in all branches of state and local government in New York State. Our governmental affairs team provides services that encompass all aspects of administrative and legislative lobbying, issue and policy development, problem solving and consensus building, often through grass roots lobbying efforts. We assist our clients in navigating government and helping them achieve their objectives, whether it be the passage, defeat or modification of legislation or regulations, financial support for a development project, drafting legislation, research or state or local government procurement of client products and services.

We pride ourselves on our ability to develop creative solutions to address our clients’ concerns and offer a full range of services, including analyzing and drafting legislation, monitoring committee activity and the introduction of all new legislative and regulatory proposals, advocating before government leaders and staff, attending hearings, providng relevant research and formulating strategic plans to help our clients achieve their goals.

The Roffe Group is unique among government relations firms in that its staff has extraordinary budget and fiscal expertise. Staff spent years analyzing, drafting, negotiating and implementing the New York State budget, from the appropriation of funds to the contractual approvals that make those dollars flow to recipients, as well as how revenue proposals are altered and replaced in the financial plan.

In the procurement lobbying area, we work to give our clients a competitive advantage in their respective business areas by working with them to help cultivate a strategic plan to secure government contracts, advising them through bid development and submission of formal responses to requests for proposals and qualifications (RFP’s and RFQ’s). As importantly, we advise our clients on any and all changes in the law as it affects the procurement process in New York State and the propriety of their lobbying efforts.

We have assisted our clients in achieving success on a full range of issues including business, health care, energy, insurance, banking and finance, social services, economic development, education, tax, environment, transportation and gaming.

To keep current with developments in the ever changing legislative and regulatory arenas, we offer our clients a direct line of communication to monitor the effectiveness of their legislative and regulatory agendas. This often requires immediate communication and turnaround. To that end, we have equipped our offices with state of the art technology, including a computerized bill tracking system with direct access to the New York State Bill Drafting Commission. We are always just a phone call or e-mail away at any time.