Budget Expertise

The Roffe Group is unique among government relations firm in that its staff has extraordinary budget and fiscal expertise. Staff spent years analyzing, drafting, negotiating and implementing the New York State budget, from the appropriation of funds to the contractual approvals that make those dollars flow to recipients, as well as how revenue proposals are altered and replaced in the financial plan. Their hands-on experience assist clients in navigating New York’s complex budget process, providing advice and guidance on how best to access vital funding in a time of greater competition for diminishing resources, providing insights into each step of the process. Clients will benefit from inside knowledge on the inner-workings of complex funding allocations, from those delineated in specific budget lines to those awarded by competitive grant, to those that are formula driven.

Budget issues often dominate government relations work. It is never more prevalent than in tough financial times when greater vigilance is necessary to ward off additional costs of doing business or to combat possible reductions to important funding support. Whether it is an individual case or forming coalitions and strategies to achieve broader industry group successes, we are particularly well positioned to promote our clients interests.

We have had budget success, inside of government and out. We have been at the negotiating table on billion dollar transactions, and have vast experience with building the case for new initiatives and keeping important programs in the base, for winning legislative grants and fostering public-private partnerships, as well as with complex bond financing and long-term capital planning. We have worked on budgets from formulation at the agency level and with the Division of the Budget, through the Legislative process, to implementation with those same agencies and the Comptroller. We have worked on econometric models, revenue forecasting and dedicated funding. Across the state, there is always budget activity in other settings, especially given the differing fiscal years. In that regard, we have been at the table with local government and vast public authorities, understand the interplay of Federal funding, and focus on the budget formulation and adoption process of each.